Muralist / Artist


Co-Lab Projects Hosts Cody Ledvina

This past weekend Co-Lab hosted performance artist Cody Levidna at their East Austin location. Cody's piece included video, live improvised drumming and actors. The whole piece lasted no more than 3 minutes and seemed to have no particular narrative. The first time you experience the performance, it is hard to grasp and fully understand what the artist is trying to achieve. Cody executed the three minute piece, every eight minutes between 7 and 11pm and thats where the hook is. Although each performance followed the same script, through shear mind numbing repetition, Cody puts the viewer in a sort of trance where you unwittingly look for the subtle differences between each performance. Admittedly, I did not stick around the whole night but I can imagine that by the end of the night the last performance had very little resemblance to the first one of the night. It was a perpetual game of telephone where Cody created a Groundhogs Day effect that the viewer could experience for as long or as little as they wanted to.

Please visit the link below to view more of Cody Ledvina's work.