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Miami Art Basel 2017

Art Basel descends upon Miami during December every year. The international showcase of prestigious galleries that takes place in the Miami Beach convention center has grown into something much bigger than anyone could have imagined a decade ago.  Thanks to the many pop up shows, events and other gatherings that take place in numerous galleries and temporary spaces throughout the city there is much more to see than just what happens at Basel HQ. If you want to rub elbows with wealthy collectors and see a Picasso hanging next to what is probably an overhyped contemporary artist then you can head to the convention center. But if you want to see work by emerging artists or artists that do compelling work outside of stuffy galleries then head to the many pop up shows happening in Wynwood, the Design District and downtown Miami.

Most of my time was spent around Wynwood Walls where all week long the air was filled with spray paint fumes and every single wall seemed to be getting a fresh makeover by world renown street artists and muralists. Scope, Juxtapoz Magazine and the Cruz Diez Foundation has some great shows this year.

Art Basel is something everyone should experience whether you are an artist or not. Hopefully I will get to do it again next year!


Performance Art at Art Basel, Miami Beach Convention Center.  


Sculpture Art at Art Basel, Miami Beach Convention Center.


Street artist Scott Addis using his own material concoction to sculpt faces on palm trees in Wynwood. 


El Chavo del Ocho in Wynwood. 

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