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Project Highlight: Corner Vet Exterior Mural

Corner Vet opened it's doors in 2015 as the first full service veterinary clinic in East Austin. I was lucky enough to be brought onboard to do an exterior mural as part of the extensive remodel and restoration their building received before moving in. The design of the mural is designed to match the spirit and energy behind this unique veterinary clinic and it's staff. Their motto is "People healing animals - Animals healing people" 

For the design process I began with rough sketches an ideas. The first step is to get into the mind of the client and find out what inspires and gets them excited. The first design I developed was strong, but it wasn't exactly what the client wanted. You see, the design possibilities with any project are endless but just because a design is a good one it doesn't necessarily mean it is the right one. Back to the drawing board we went and after a couple of weeks and several other iterations of the design we finally arrived at "the one" 

The Black Labrador on the front closely resembles the client's own dog and the cat on the side is actually my cat "Seven". This mural combined several techniques such as wheat paste, stenciling and hand painting. It was a fun one and I can't wait till the next one!


Luis AnguloComment