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WWII Ocean Forts + Street Art

Street artist often justify their "vandalism" by saying that their art beautifies forgotten and abandoned buildings. I believe that if done well, art can bring life back to a dilapidated structure and bring a little bit of color back to it's environment. Well take that idea and multiply it times a hundred and you'll end up with the Painted Oceans Red Sands Fort project.

The Red Sands Sea Forts were formidable anti-aircraft defenses built during WWII to ward off Nazi planes and bombing runs. Seventy years later, the forts continue to deteriorate into the sea. That could all change thanks to world renown artist Tristan Eaton and the collection of street artists he has put together. The plan is to live there while they restore and paint murals on the sides of these historical towers. Trisrtan will be joined by Shepard Fairey, Futura 2000, How & Nosm, and The London Police.

The size of this project and the ambition that it takes to pull it off is inspiring. Please check out their Kickstarter page to learn more about the project and help get this project off the ground!

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