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What the heck is a Tardigrade?

A Tardigrade to me is a symbol of strength. To science it is a microscopic water creature just over 1 mm long on average. It is the only known living thing that can survive the environment of space,  extreme hot/cold temperatures large amounts of radiation and it can even go more than ten years without food or water. How badass is that? In 2015 it was discovered that the Tardigrade's genome is composed of up to 17.5% foreign DNA. That means that it has genes from other organisms such as bacteria that it likely got through viruses. This foreign DNA is most likely what gives Tardigrade's their extreme abilities researchers say.

This world is harsh for any living creature, I say we be a little more like the Tardigrade and keep on chugging along no matter what life throws at us!

Luis Angulo1 Comment